George Clooney steps out to eat, offers money to man on the street

George Clooney may still be the sexiest man alive in some people's eyes, but he's also the kindest, at least in the eyes of one man on the streets of New York Monday night.

Clooney and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler stepped out for a bite to eat with Karen Duffy (a Clooney ex from the mid-'90s) and Bill Murray. Outside the restaurant Il Mulino in the West Village, Clooney paused to give some money to a man wearing a military jacket, seated next to a camouflage backpack.

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Keibler is seen smiling as Clooney stops to interact with the man (maybe Keibler is just happy that she's still the one). Afterward, the Oscar winner touches the man on his chest and the man's military dog tags are visible.

The celebrity-caught-doing-something-nice reward was all set to go to Ben Affleck this week after he took off a fellow driver's car mirror and took the time to leave a note. But Clooney -- whose all-around kindness is documented here -- just put himself in the running.

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