Gotye song gets a technological twist for latest clever cover

We're big fans of clever people making music out of unorthodox devices. Even if you think you've heard Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" one too many times, give it a listen via this new viral video.

YouTube user bd594 has attracted 1.4 million views on a video showcasing his deft understanding of technology and music. His page description reads: Experiments in music, electronics, robotics and high voltage circuits combined.

The video description goes into nerdy detail about the devices making the music -- there's an HP scanner providing the "vocals" and audio channels are fed into an oscilloscope. Two hard drives are used as drums and cymbal. A xylophone does the job it was intended to do. bd594 even thanks an electronics-parts store in Toronto for great deals on hard-to-find items.

Gotye's hit song made its own catchy impact this summer thanks to repeated radio play and clever covers online. The viral storm played off the original song's simple lyrics and own visually compelling video. Remember five people on one guitar? How about this one -- "The Star Wars That I Used to Know"? And because kids in cars doing just about anything gets our attention, we loved these two.

"This is how they will amuse themselves when the humans are gone," reads one YouTube comment on the above video. Considering the attention the video has already received, we humans aren't waiting for the machines.

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