Happy birthday to me (and Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman and more famous people)

If you're a big fan of Johnny Depp or Natalie Portman or Michael J. Fox, you might know that they all share a birthday today, June 9. I happen to know this because I share it with them. Yay, me!

Johnny Depp (49), Natalie Portman (31) and Michael J. Fox (51) were all born on June 9. Getty Images (2), EPA

It's not a big deal to share a birthday with a famous person. There are a lot of us and a few handfuls of them. Someone you know out there is always blowing out candles on the same day as someone you don't know but wish you did.

I did some digging around on June 9 birthdays for selfish reasons and found out that beyond Depp, Portman and Fox, I've got a big list of invites to make for the greatest party ever.

Looking past dozens of composers and soccer players I've never heard of, the list includes some impressive dead and living souls.

The Russian ruler Peter the Great was born on this date in 1672. He'll probably want to be in charge of the party seating chart. And the menu. And the coat check. And valet.

The bandleader Fred Waring (b. 1900) provided financial backing for the first electric blendor which holds his name to this day. Put that guy behind the bar.

Long before the transit of Venus this past week, German astronomer Johann Galle (b. 1812) was staring into space. He's credited with knowing what Neptune was before anyone else. If he leaves the table, look for him outside.

You like rock 'n' roll? You can thank Les Paul for inventing the solid body electric guitar. Colin Archer / AP file

The party will need a little music, of course. Let's see what composer Cole Porter (b. 1891), electric guitar god Les Paul (b. 1915) and Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy (b. 1978) can come up with. And feel free to ask Bellamy about his kid with Kate Hudson.

Looking for a little deep conversation at the party table? Saddle up next to Robert McNamara (b. 1916) and discuss Vietnam War startegy with the former secretary of defense under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. But go watch "Fog of War" first, a top-notch documentary for sure.

Comedian Jackie Mason (b. 1936) is probably good for a few jokes. But if you'd rather talk sports, particularly basketball, you'll want to get some Q.T. with Dick Vitale (b. 1939), baby! You'll be a P.T. player by June 10.

Step away from the party and head to the TV room for a break. You'll find Donald Duck (b. 1934) cartoon reruns playing. June 9 is officially recognized as the character's birthday by Disney.

Speaking of cartoons, maybe Abraham Groening (b. 1991) can handle the invites. He's the son of "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening.

Depp (b. 1963), Portman (b. 1981) and Fox (b. 1961) will certainly command much of the attention at the party. But it's my party too, so you can talk to Depp only about "Edward Scissorhands." Ask Portman about "Hotel Chevalier." And Michael J. Fox can say whatever he wants about "Back to the Future." As long as he doesn't hand out these.

What famous person or people do you share a birthday with? Let us know over on Facebook.

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