Thanksgiving Travelers Caught With Guns, Crossbows at New York Airports

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A New York City man who was about to board an international flight was arrested at JFK airport Wednesday after TSA officers found crossbows, starter pistols, a stun gun, BB guns and several bows and arrows in his checked bags.

Jalil Dewan, 57, of Sunnyside, Queens said he was taking the weapons to Dubai for a movie shoot.

TSA officers discovered the arsenal as Dewan’s luggage was passing through checked baggage screening equipment. When the equipment alerted them to suspicious contents, the officers found the weapons and a pair of handcuffs in two of his bags.

Port Authority Police located Dewan in the terminal and arrested him. He faces a charge of criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree.

In a separate incident, a 94-year-old man headed to West Palm Beach, Florida was stopped at New York's LaGuardia airport with a .38 caliber handgun in his checked luggage. He had a permit for the pistol and was not arrested, but had to surrender the gun.

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