Jermaine Jackson petitions to brighten up his last name

Jermaine Jackson ... or is that Jacksun? Barry Brecheisen/Invision/AP

Why would Jermaine Jackson ever want to get rid of his famous surname? He wouldn't. Michael Jackson's older brother filed a name change petition on Tuesday in Los Angeles, E! News confirms, but he's not exactly changing his last name -- just giving the spelling a little spin. 

Say hello to Jermaine Jacksun.

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A spokesperson for Jermaine confirms that he has filed a name change petition for artistic reasons, and explains that "his actual name has not changed. It's just the spelling, one letter. It is a personal choice of Jermaine's and it's not a big deal."

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They add, "Phonetically, it changes nothing. It is something he has chosen to do, and it's fair to say that you cannot blame this one on the boogie, you've got to blame it on the sunshine."

Jermaine is currently touring in Belgium. 

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