Jimmy Fallon, Christina Aguilera and The Roots move ‘Your Body’ with office supplies

Here's one to watch around the water cooler. Jimmy Fallon and The Roots have teamed up with Christina Aguilera for a version of her song "Your Body" which will have you raiding the office supply closet at work.

Aquilera fronts the latest musical fun fest from the "Late Night" host as the whole group crowds behind an office desk. Fallon himself opens the track with beeps from a cell phone, which he plays throughout.

The description of the video on YouTube provides a list of the improvised instruments:

Christina Aguilera: vocals, stapler

Jimmy Fallon: iPhone keypad

Questlove: coffee pots with pencil drumsticks

Tuba Gooding Jr.: Scotch tape

Frank Knuckles: Poland Spring water cooler jug

Captain Kirk: tissue box & elastic band guitar

James Poyser: spiral notebook (a.k.a. the "tear snare")

Mark Kelley: keyboard washboard

Black Thought: paper clip shaker

Kamal Gray: scissors

"The Voice" judge's real video for "Your Body" has 22 million views on YouTube. At 230,000 views, the office version has some work to do.

Fallon and The Roots previously teamed with Carly Rae Jepsen for an acoustic version of her hit "Call Me Maybe," played on children's instruments.

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