Klingons, Bill Nye get in the ‘Gangnam Style’ act in new viral videos

Apparently a law has been passed, and every human on Earth is now legally required to create "Gangnam Style" tribute videos. At least, it seems that way, because the remakes just keep a-comin'! For those keeping a running tally on the best of the best, here's our selection from the last few days:

"Bill Nye-Science Style"

YouTube hit count so far: Over 1 million

Are you serious? Yes, it's about 30 seconds of "Bill Nye the Science Guy" -- or at least his head, enrobed in oversized sunglasses -- digitally pasted over PSY's as he gallops and gallivants all over town. 

"Music Videos Without Music: Gangnam Style"

YouTube hit count so far: 3.6 million

Are you serious? Strip PSY of his dance tracks, lather in some special effects, and what do you have? An oddly enthralling video. That said, the first few seconds of PSY's head lolling around on a lounge chair -- sans music -- border on the disturbing.

"Klingon Style"

YouTube hit count so far: 1.6 million

Are you serious? PSY sang "Gangnam Style" in Korean, so here's a chance to hear the tune in yet another language -- Klingon -- as "Star Trek: The Next Generation's" Worf plays out his on-screen romance with Troi, as Riker butts in repeatedly. Bonus: A Whoopi Goldberg imitator (in full Guinan regalia) doing the elevator scene.

"Gangnam Style (RaOn Acoustic cover)"

YouTube hit count so far: less than 10,000

Are you serious? Enough of all of this dancing; at some point a person wants to chill out with the smooth, acoustic guitar stylings of an adorable trio (Jaydee Min, Elle Kim and Michael Jun on guitar). And finally: A woman steps in for some of the lead vocals! PSY's version may have it over everyone for raw energy, but these guys bring it home with pure sweet seduction.

Are you "Gangnam Styled" out yet?

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