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KNOW IT ALL: Friday's Top 6 Stories at NBC News

From the showdown between Maine officials and a nurse over an Ebola quarantine to the Giants’ World Series win, see the stories we're following.

Good morning, and happy Halloween! Here are some of the stories we’re following today:

1. Suspected cop killer captured hiding out in hangar

Police in the Poconos have been on the hunt for Eric Frein for close to seven weeks. But the dangerous search came to an end Thursday, when authorities say they caught Frein at an abandoned hangar with a rifle and pistol with him. He was in “surprisingly good condition,” police said, and will be arraigned at 9 a.m. Friday. The 31-year-old survivalist is accused of ambushing a state police barracks on Sept. 12 and killing one trooper and injuring another. He allegedly detailed the shootings in a diary earlier retrieved by police. Read more in NEWS.

2. Nurse remains at center of Maine’s Ebola quarantine

Maine’s governor said Thursday that he will continue to pursue a court order to require nurse Kaci Hickox to undergo a sort of quarantine after returning from West Africa, where she worked with Ebola patients. In an interview with NBC affiliate WSCH, LePage suggested it was all right for Hickox — who has tested negative for the disease — to leave home, as long as she doesn’t touch anyone or go into a public establishment. On Thursday morning, she hopped on a bike with her boyfriend and said she was hoping to work out negotiations with the state. Those talks apparently fell through. Read more in NEWS.

3. Aid groups see fallout from quarantine debate

Jitters over the spread of the Ebola virus are discouraging American health care workers from going to the hotbed of activity in West Africa, groups say. Making matters worse, they add, is how such workers are being treated once they come back to the United States. One group — International Medical Corps — says about 20 people who have pledged to go to Africa are now rethinking their plans. Several states, including New York and New Jersey, have already begun imposing their own guidelines for residents returning, including requiring home quarantines. Read more in HEALTH.

4. Plane crashes into Kansas airport killing 4

The pilot was killed in the Thursday morning crash, as well as three others on the ground after the twin-engine plane hit the top of a flight safety center in Wichita. Five others were also injured. The pilot radioed shortly after takeoff that “we just lost the left engine,” according to air traffic communications. The bodies of the four victims are expected to be pulled from the damaged structure Friday after initial concerns that the building might collapse. Read more in NEWS.

5. What led to the Antares rocket explosion?

Investigators are sifting through clues for what might have led to the spectacular explosion this week of the Antares rocket in Virginia. The unmanned rocket was supposed to ferry supplies and equipment to the International Space Station as part of a contract with NASA. But something went wrong with the rocket’s first stage about 15 seconds after ignition, according to a status update Thursday. A “significant amount of debris” remained on the site, including evidence that should help investigators determine the cause of the failure. Read more in SCIENCE.

6. Apple CEO could pave the way for gay CEOs

Apple’s Tim Cook came out publicly in an Bloomberg Businessweek essay on Thursday, and while he’s never hid his sexuality, he said it was time to be forthcoming because of his status as a prominent CEO. And as one of the most powerful tech executives in the world, Cook holds a unique position to potentially show the way for other gay corporate leaders, experts and gay rights advocates say. The question remains: Will others follow? Read more in BUSINESS.

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