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KNOW IT ALL: Friday's Top 7 Stories at NBC News

From the deadly shooting rampage at an Oregon community college to historic flooding threatening the East Coast, here are the stories we're following.

Good morning. Here are some of the stories we're following today:

1. Oregon College Gunman Asked of Victims’ Religion

At least 10 people were killed and seven others were injured when a gunman who demanded to know his victims' religions opened fire Thursday morning on a campus in southwest Oregon, witnesses and authorities said. Law enforcement sources identified the Umpqua Community College shooter as Chris Harper Mercer, 26, who was killed in a firefight. Police said it's too early to tell what his motive might have been. Read more in NEWS.

2. ‘Heroic’ Army Vet Was Shot 7 Times in Deadly Rampage

Army veteran Chris Mintz was identified as one of the injured in the college shooting, and was shot seven times while trying to save other students, according to his aunt. Mintz, who was rushed to surgery, "did heroic things to protect some people," she told NBC News. Read more in NEWS.

3. Obama: American Gun Culture ‘Doesn’t Make Sense’

For at least the eighth time in his presidency, Barack Obama strode up to a podium after a mass shooting and denounced an American culture that makes it "easy for a person who wants to commit harm on someone else to get their hands on a gun." Read more in POLITICS.

4. As Joaquin Strengthens, East Coast Braces for Flooding

As Hurricane Joaquin battered the Bahamas early Friday, the East Coast was watching for a potential double-whammy linked to a separate storm that could bring life-threatening floods and affect 21 million people. While the odds of Joaquin making landfall on the U.S. mainland are "dwindling," that doesn't mean the East Coast won't feel some of the storm's wrath. Read more in NEWS.

5. U.S. Service Members Killed in Afghanistan Plane Crash

Thirteen people, including six American service members, were killed early Friday when a U.S. C-130 transport plane crashed while taking off from an airport in Afghanistan, U.S. military officials said. Read more in NEWS.

6. What to Know in the Syrian Civil War

The five-year-old conflict, which began with a government crackdown on peaceful protests, has drawn a confusing array of players and alliances, fueled the growth of ISIS, and spawned a refugee crisis. The U.S. can't seem to get its strategy right — and now it's grappling with Russia, which just launched its own bombing campaign. Read more in NEWS.

7. 15 Million T-Mobile Users’ Info Hacked

Credit reporting agency Experian said Thursday that hackers accessed the Social Security numbers, birthdates and other personal information belonging to about 15 million people who applied for T-Mobile wireless services. Read more in TECH.

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