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KNOW IT ALL: Monday's Top 6 Stories at NBC News

From riots in Missouri to calm in Gaza, see the stories we're following.
Iraqis chant pro-government slogans and display placards bearing a picture of embattled Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki during a demonstration in Baghdad, Iraq, Monday. Al-Maliki is taking his struggle to keep his job to the courts after announcing he will file a legal complaint on Monday against the country's newly elected president. President Barack Obama warned Americans on Saturday that the new campaign to bring security in Iraq requires military and political changes and "is going to be a long-term project." Hadi Mizban / AP

Good morning, and happy Monday. Here are some of the stories we're following today:

1. Looting, riots follow vigil held for teen killed by officer

Police called in back-up as protests over the shooting of an 18-year-old black man by an officer spilled into a third day in Missouri. The teen, Michael Brown was unarmed, but according to police, had gotten into a confrontation with a police officer before the officer shot him “more than just a couple of times.” Hundreds started protesting on Saturday night and continued to rally well into Sunday. Looting broke out following a vigil for Brown on Sunday. Witnessed reported hearing gunshots and seeing tear gas. Read more in NEWS.

2. Tony Stewart breaks silence over racetrack tragedy

“There aren’t words to describe the sadness I feel about the accident that took the life of Kevin Ward Jr.," Stewart said in a statement Sunday after striking a fellow driver with his car the night before. Police said Stewart is being cooperative with the investigation, and currently nothing has suggested that there was criminal intent behind the fatal incident. Read more in SPORTS.

3. Troops loyal to Maliki deployed to Baghdad

Special forces loyal to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki were deployed to the Iraqi capital after a surprise speech by Maliki on Sunday, in which he strongly stated he would not drop a bid for a third term. The Pro-Maliki Shiite militias stepped up patrols in Baghdad, police said. Critics accuse Maliki of pursuing a sectarian agenda they they say has sidelined Sunnis and prompted some of them to support Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham militants (ISIS). On Saturday President Barack Obama said that the U.S. could help Iraq, but "only Iraqis can ensure the security and stability of Iraq.” Read more in NEWS.

4. Cease-fire holds in Gaza

A new, Egyptian-brokered cease-fire between Israel and Hamas forces was agreed upon and started just after midnight Monday (5 p.m. ET Sunday). The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said the cease-fire would allow humanitarian aid into battered Gaza neighborhoods, allow Palestinians to emerge from shelters and reopen indirect talks between Israel and Hamas on a more permanent deal. Read more in NEWS.

5. Sailboat 'caught' in Hurricane Julio

Julio was downgraded to a category 1 hurricane on Saturday, and its path was far north of Hawaii, but the coast would experience some temperamental weather due to the storm, and the seas were violent. A 42-foot boat was stuck — with three people on board — 414 miles northeast of Oahu, where winds were reported to be up to 115 miles per hour and seas were 30 feet. A 661-foot container ship was diverted from its route and making way toward the sailboat to assist, according to the Coast Guard. Read more in NEWS.

6. Missionaries returning to U.S. from Liberia to be 'quarantined'

Missionaries who were working with Ebola patients in Liberia will be returning to the U.S. in coming days, according to SIM, the aid organization they work with. The missionaries will be "quarantined," meaning they will be allowed to come home, but have limited contact with other people, for up to three weeks, SIM said. None of the missionaries are sick or showing signs of Ebola, and will be quarantined under an abundance of caution. Read more in NEWS.

What’s trending today?

Today, it would be called "conscious uncoupling," but back when Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley got separated, it was just called divorce. Even without the fancy terminology, the pair seems to have remained on good terms, which was on display this weekend when Joel serenaded his ex, who was in the front row of his NYC concert. The song? "Uptown Girl," the classic that Brinkley starred in the music video for.