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KNOW IT ALL: Monday's Top 6 Stories at NBC News

From a sigh of relief for Eric Duncan's contacts to a new use for Viagra, see the stories we're following.
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Good morning, and happy Monday! Here are some of the stories we’re following today:

1. Ebola watch ends for 48 of Eric Duncan’s contacts

The fiancée of the only person to die of Ebola in the United States and 47 other people no longer need to be monitored for the disease. Twenty-one days have passed since Thomas Eric Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola, meaning that those who were in contact with him before he was admitted to the hospital have completed the CDC-mandated isolation period with a clean bill of health. Seventy health care workers who cared for Duncan are still on the watch list after two of his nurses contracted the disease, but none has showed symptoms. Read more in NEWS.

2. U.S. drops weapons to Kurds fighting ISIS in Kobani

The U.S. dropped weapons, ammunition and medical supplies to Kurds fighting ISIS in the Syrian town of Kobani after heavy clashes there over the weekend. ISIS has attacked Kobani for weeks, hoping to take the town in order to consolidate a stretch of land that the group controls on the Turkish border. The U.S. has launched more than 135 airstrikes on ISIS in Kobani, and the military said more supplies might be dropped to the Kurds in the coming days. Read more in NEWS.

3. Hannah Graham investigators search site of found remains

Crews in Virginia spent Sunday scouring the area near an abandoned property where human remains were located Saturday during the search for missing University of Virginia student Hannah Graham. Graham's parents were notified of the discovery, but forensic testing needs to be completed before the remains can be identified. Graham went missing more than five weeks ago. She was last seen by a witness with Jesse Leroy Matthew, 32, who has been arrested and charged with abduction with the intent to defile in connection with the case. Read more in NEWS.

4. Viagra is good for more than one thing

Viagra can be used to prevent heart muscle thickening and early-stage heart failure, according to research published in the open access journal BMC Medicine. Larger studies are needed to solidify the findings, but the first study showed few side effects. While Viagra carries a certain stereotype, experts say the new function may help to de-stigmatize the "little blue pill." Read more in HEALTH.

5. Royal household announces when Kate’s baby is due

Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William are "delighted" to confirm their second child is due in April, the royal household announced Monday. With more than five months to go, the Duchess' morning sickness is "steadily improving," the royal household said. Read more in NEWS.

6. Peyton Manning breaks another NFL record

Denver Bronco quarterback Peyton Manning started last night's game against the San Francisco 49ers two touchdown passes shy of Brett Favre's record of 508. Manning ended up throwing four touchdown passes during the game to reach 510. Manning hit 509 with an 8-yard strike to Demaryius Thomas during the second quarter. His teammates commemorated the moment with a silly game of keep-away when Manning went to retrieve the ball. The Broncos won, 42-17. Read more in SPORTS.

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