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KNOW IT ALL: Tuesday's Top Stories at NBC News

Legendary women's basketball coach Pat Summitt has passed away, and other stories we're following this morning.
Image: Pro-choice supporters celebrate outside the court
Pro-choice supporters celebrate outside the court.MICHAEL REYNOLDS / EPA

Good morning. Here are the stories we're following today:

1. Clinton Widens Lead Over Donald Trump: Poll

Hillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump by 8 points, her highest advantage since the general election match-up question was first asked on May 2, according to the latest NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll. The results of the poll come a day after Clinton and Elizabeth Warren spoke before a raucous crowd in Ohio, sealing a powerful alliance that could help unify Democrats. Read more in POLITICS.

2. House GOP's Report Sheds New Light on Benghazi Attack

After a more than two-year investigation into the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, House Republicans are set to release a lengthy report Tuesday recounting the events that led to the deaths of four American diplomats. Read more in NEWS.

3. Pat Summitt, Legendary Women's Basketball Coach, Dies at 64

Summitt served as head coach of women's basketball at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, for 38 seasons. She was recognized as the "winningest basketball coach in NCAA history" for both men's and women's teams. Read more in SPORTS.

4. The Healers: Afghan Hospital Struggles Under Weight of War

Afghanistan’s civilians are getting injured and killed in greater numbers than any time since the beginning of the U.S.-led war in late 2001, a sign of the country’s unstable future — and America’s dubious legacy there. The Emergency Surgical Center in Kabul is where many of them come to heal. Photographer Victor J. Blue spent two months at the hospital last fall, documenting the latest fighting season’s toll. Read more in a SPECIAL REPORT.

5. Supreme Court Strikes Down Strict Texas Abortion Law

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday overturned one of the nation's toughest restrictions on abortion, a Texas law that women's groups said would have forced more than three-quarters of the state's clinics to shut down. The decision was 5-3. Read more in NEWS.

6. Rio Governor Warns Olympics Could Be 'Big Failure'

Rio de Janeiro's acting governor warned Monday that the Olympic Games could be a "big failure" because of budget shortfalls that threaten to compromise security and mobility during the games. Read more in NEWS.

7. Virginia Man Accused of Tweeting Threats to Shoot Senators

A Virginia man who works as an Uber driver tweeted threats to shoot at least two U.S. senators, according to testimony at a hearing Monday in a Virginia court. Kyler Schmitz has been ordered held in jail. Read more at NBC WASHINGTON.

Nightly Spotlight: Kerry Heads to Brussels and London to Manage ‘Brexit’ Fallout

Secretary Kerry shuttled between the European capitals in an effort to ease tensions between the EU and Westminster as ‘Brexit’ continued to wreak havoc on world markets.