KNOW IT ALL: Tuesday's Top 7 Stories at NBC News

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Good morning. Here are the top headlines from NBC News.

1. Obama: Act Now on Climate Change or Risk Nightmare

President Obama, who is in Alaska to highlight the perils of climate change, urged Americans on Monday night to take bold action on the issue. The president on Tuesday will travel to the Seward area, where he plans to call for more Coast Guard icebreakers in the Arctic, the White House said. It's part of a global race to gain a foothold in the region. Read more in NEWS.

2. Pope: Priests Can Forgive Abortion If Women Are 'Contrite'

Pope Francis will allow Roman Catholic priests to absolve women who have had abortions if they seek forgiveness during the upcoming Holy Year of Mercy, the Vatican announced Tuesday. "I am well aware of the pressure that has led [women] to this decision. I know that it is an existential and moral ordeal," the pontiff said. Read more in NEWS.

3. 125 Clinton Emails Released Have Now-Classified Info

Approximately 7,000 pages of emails that Hillary Clinton sent while secretary of state were released late Monday — but 125 of the emails released have information redacted because it has now been deemed to require classification. The emails were not considered classified when they were sent, according to the State Department. Read more in POLITICS.

4. Supreme Court Rules Against Clerk in Gay Marriage Fight

The U.S. Supreme Court late Monday rejected an appeal from Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, who said she could not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her religious objections. It was the first legal skirmish to reach the Supreme Court since it declared in June that same-sex marriage is legal across the country. Read more in NEWS.

5. Hungary Shuts Train Station to Stop Migrants From Going West

Hungarian officials have stopped trains from leaving Budapest's main train terminal in an effort to prevent a wave of migrants from using it to get to Austria and Germany. More than 300,000 people — many fleeing Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan — have crossed the Mediterranean this year. Read more in NEWS.

6. To Prevent Peanut Allergies, Give Peanuts to Babies

New guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics said that recent research shows giving babies peanuts before they're a year old may prevent them from developing allergies later on in life. Babies who show signs of other allergies might need to have this done under a pediatrician's supervision. Read more in HEALTH.

7. Who’s Shooting at Cars on an Arizona Highway?

Officials are investigating four separate shootings over three days along an Arizona highway. Multiple rounds were fired in all of the incidents, but investigators do not yet know whether the shootings are related. Read more in NEWS.

Nightly Spotlight: We All Scream for Ice Cream

After serving up ice cream and frozen treats to Boston kids for 68 years, Allan Ganz is not only a local institution, he’s a world record holder.