KNOW IT ALL: Tuesday's Top 7 Stories at NBC News

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Good morning. Here are the top headlines from NBC News.

1. Migrant Crisis Turns Greek Island Into ‘Pressure Cooker’

About 20,000 refugees and migrants from Syria and elsewhere are backed up on the island of Lesbos, Greece, as they await a path to the West. Authorities said Tuesday that ferries would start continuously carrying the migrants and refugees off the island until the backlog is cleared. Read more in NEWS.

2. 'Glaring Errors' Cited in Amanda Knox Acquittal

Italy's top criminal court said Monday that it threw out the murder convictions of American student Amanda Knox and her former Italian boyfriend earlier this year because the case against them brought by police and prosecutors suffered from "stunning weakness" and "investigative bouts of amnesia." Read more in NEWS.

3. Pope Reforms Roman Catholic Annulment Procedures

Pope Francis has simplified the Roman Catholic Church's cumbersome procedures for marriage annulments. The Catholic Church does not recognize divorce, and those who have gotten a divorce cannot receive sacraments like communion. Read more in NEWS.

4. Biden Hints at Possible Presidential Bid

Vice President Joe Biden hasn't announced whether or not he's going to run for president, but the possibility was clearly on his mind Monday when he spoke at a Labor Day event in Pittsburgh. In a short speech that might preview a presidential pitch, Biden highlighted a progressive slate of policies focused on the middle class. Read more in POLITICS.

5. Kentucky Clerk Asks Appeals Court to Free Her From Jail

Kim Davis asked a federal appeals court to let her out of custody while she fights orders that she issue same-sex marriage licenses despite her religious opposition to gay unions. Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on Tuesday is holding a rally in support of Davis outside of the detention center where she is being held without bail. Read more in NEWS.

6. Great White Shark Dies After Beaching on Cape Cod

At least 100 people at a Cape Cod beach for the Labor Day weekend rushed to try to save a mammoth great white shark that had beached itself. Some poured buckets of water on the shark as specialists helped the creature into deeper water, but it appeared to be injured and later died. Read more in NEWS.

7. Police Investigate Video of Football Players Pummeling Ref

Two Texas high school football players were suspended from school after pummeling a referee during a Friday night game. Police said Monday that they were investigating several videos taken of the violent incident. No arrests have been made, police said. Read more in NEWS.

Nightly Spotlight: Young New Yorkers Learn the Ropes

The late Pete Seeger launched the Clearwater ship in 1969 in an effort to bring attention to the toxic state of the Hudson River. Since then, it has provided countless young people from all over New York with eye-opening adventures and learning opportunities.