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KNOW IT ALL: Tuesday's Top Stories at NBC News

From high emotions surrounding the missing Malaysian jet to the ongoing search after the deadly Washington mudslide, see the stories we're following.
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In Oso, Wash., Monday, March 24, 2014, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and a small entourage walk eastward on a cleared swath of SR 530, toward the first house that lies in a heap across the highway.Dan Bates / AP

Good morning, and happy Tuesday. Here are six of the top stories we are following this morning at NBC News:

1. Families of missing Malaysia jet passengers demand ‘the truth’

Despite Malayasian officials announcing Monday that missing Flight 370 appears to have “ended” in the southern Indian Ocean, no actual debris of the wreckage has been found. Families of the passengers are accusing officials of “delays and deception” and are demanding proof of their loved ones’ demise. Meanwhile, the search zone for the wreckage has been pared down. Read more in NEWS.

2. Death toll, reports of missing rise in Washington mudslide

At least 14 people have died in the hillside collapse in rural Washington state on Saturday, with the reports of the number of missing rising to 176. Authorities, however, caution that some of those could be duplicates or false alarms. The desperate search for survivors or bodies continues today. Read more in NEWS.

3. Two die in shooting aboard U.S. Navy base in Virginia

Navy officials are combing through a crime scene aboard the USS Mahan, where they say a civilian fatally shot a sailor late Monday. The base was on temporary lockdown, and the circumstances surrounding the shooting remain under investigation. Read more in NEWS.

4. Obama set to propose ending NSA’s bulk phone data collection

The legislation would stop the agency from bulk-harvesting calling records from phone companies. A senior Obama administration official told NBC News that the move is meant to satisfy some critics of the controversial snooping program, which came to light last year with the leak of NSA data from former contractor Edward Snowden. Read more in POLITICS.

5. Pistorius trial: Olympian made flurry of phone calls after shooting

Oscar Pistorius called an ambulance, security, family and friends, and his manager in the moments after fatally shooting girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in his home, it was revealed today. The 27-year-old South African sprinter claims he mistook Steenkamp for an intruder. Read more in NEWS.

6. Mexican farm workers make seven-hour commute to U.S.

They’re known as “alien commuters” — Mexicans who have green cards and can legally work in America, but for various reasons choose to live in their native country. That means an arduous seven-hour commute — one-way — for those who live in northern Mexico and take buses to their vegetable field jobs in Arizona. Read more in LATINO.

… What’s trending today?

Three extreme skydivers surrendered to authorities Monday after video of their BASE jump off the 1 World Trade Center tower last September went viral. A fourth cohort on the ground was also arrested.

The incredible feat is another embarrassment — and highlights the shortcomings in security — for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. A New Jersey teen was arrested this month after he slipped through an opening at the site and then took pictures of himself at the top of the 1,776-foot-tall tower.