KNOW IT ALL: Wednesday's Top 7 Stories at NBC News

IMAGE: Tornado near Scott City, Kansas
A tornado was spotted Tuesday near Scott City, Kansas.Alex Hutchins

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Good morning. Here are some of the headlines we're following this morning:

1. Cops Injured as Trump Protests Get Violent Near Rally

Police threw smoke devices and used what appeared to be pepper spray on crowds in Albuquerque on Tuesday night after protests near a Donald Trump event turned violent, officials said. Read more in POLITICS.

2. New Taliban Chief Issues Fatwas Justifying Terrorism

The Afghan Taliban confirmed the death of leader Mullah Mansour in a U.S. airstrike and named the group's chief justice — Haibatullah Akhundzada — as his replacement early Wednesday. The new leader began his duties by issuing religious edicts justifying terrorist attacks against U.S. troops. Read more in NEWS.

3. How Hard Will It Be to Convict Bill Cosby?

Cosby appears to be headed to trial for sexual assault in Pennsylvania. Here are some of the key questions about the case against the once-beloved comedian. Read more in NEWS.

4. Two Critically Injured in Kansas Tornado

The injuries occurred when a tornado hit Dodge City, authorities told NBC News, and at least two other twisters described as "large and extremely dangerous" were reported in Kansas. Read more in NEWS.

5. TSA Turmoil: Data Shows 1 Exec Fired in 5 Years

The federal agency — under fire for long lines at airport checkpoints, security miscues, high turnover rates, retaliation against whistle blowers and lack of accountability for senior staff — has terminated one executive in the past five years, data shows. Read more in NEWS.

6. Thunder Pushes Warriors to Brink of Elimination

One year ago, it was the Golden State Warriors' adjustments and its defense that was propelling the franchise to its first title in 40 years. This season, the Oklahoma City Thunder has turned the tables on the champs. Read more at NBC SPORTS.

7. With Trump, Hollywood's Conservatives Are Behind the Scenes

On Wednesday night, Trump will appear at a private Los Angeles fundraiser, and while you may not see many big names from the world of entertainment on the RSVP list, hundreds of industry professionals may be silently rooting him on — and hoping no one ever finds out. Read more at NBC LOS ANGELES.

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