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KNOW IT ALL: Wednesday's Top 6 Stories at NBC News

From new tensions in Ferguson to new charges in the Hannah Graham case, see the stories we're following.

Good morning, and happy Wednesday. Here are some of the stories we're following today:

1. Obama to rally support to combat ISIS at United Nations

Less than 48 hours after American-led airstrikes hammered ISIS targets in Syria for the first time, Obama will address the General Assembly in New York. And in a historical step, Obama will chair a Security Council meeting focused on the threat posed by ISIS. Obama is the only sitting president to chair the security meeting. The first and last time he did was in 2009. Analysts say he will use the stage to garner support from more allies for the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Read more in NEWS.

Meanwhile, there's a buzz brewing over Obama's latte-laden salute to Marines while climbing off Marine One on Tuesday.

2. U.S. recognizes new terror group and carries out new airstrikes

U.S. military forces carried out two more airstrikes against terrorist targets in Syria overnight and another in Iraq, the U.S. Central Command said. Two militant vehicles in Syria, considered "targets of opportunity, were destroyed, according to the U.S. military. The strikes in Syria are part of a new campaign of U.S.-led bombing, which doesn't only target ISIS. The U.S. is also carrying out a separate mission targeting a group, whose existence wasn't publicly acknowledged until last week. The group, Khorasan, is just as threatening to the U.S. as ISIS, said Director of National Intelligence James Klapper. Read more in NEWS.

3. Ferguson tensions return after memorial fire

Protesters took to the streets Tuesday after a memorial for Michael Brown — the unarmed teen shot and killed by a police officer in August — burned to the ground. Brown's death sparked days of unrest in the Missouri town, but any gatherings have been relatively calm for more than a month. Many of Tuesday's protesters blamed the police for the burnt memorial, and a store that was looted in early-August was broken into again during the uprising. Read more in NEWS.

4. Suspect in Hannah Graham case faces new charges

Virginia police charged a man, who they were calling a "person of interest" in the disappearance of University of Virginia student Hannah Graham, with abduction with the intent to defile. Jesse Matthew, 32, is believed to be the last person seen with Graham, 18, before she disappeared on Sept. 13. Matthew has not been seen since Saturday. Read more in NEWS.

5. Radical cleric cleared of terrorism charges in Jordan

Abu Qatada, described as a one-time lieutenant to Osama bin Laden, was acquitted by a Jordanian military court of terrorism charges for playing a role in planning attacks. Abu Qatada was charged with involvement in plans to target Israeli and American tourists and Western diplomats in Jordan in 2000. Read more in NEWS.

6. India's Mars mission successfully enters into Orbit

India's Mars Orbiter Mission was right on the heels of NASA's Maven orbiter as the spacecraft successfully entered orbit around Mars just days after the Maven did the same. The car-sized probe is also known as MOM or Mangalyaan (Hindi for "Mars-Craft"). India is the first nation to succeed in its initial attempt to send a spacecraft to Mars. Read more in SCIENCE.

What's trending today ...

Stevia, Splenda, Sweet'N Low, Equal — weight-watchers and sugar-haters have plenty of options when it comes to artificial sweeteners. But they should maybe just choose sugar. Research finds that microbes pick up the sugar substitutes, but they aren’t processed, which could lead to diabetes. Those who do switch from the yellow, blue or pink packets to the white ones just need to remember that the American Heart Association recommends only less than 9 teaspoons of added sugar a day for men, and less than 6 teaspoons for women.

Put Down That Diet Soda!

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