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Legendary actor, director and activist Edward James Olmos spoke to "Cafecito" host Feliciano García and spoke about his efforts to inspire people to vote, Latino representation in Hollywood and his hopes for people to begin thinking of humanity as "one race."

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On voting, "this is nothing more than registering and making people understand that the vote is our voice, and to use it," said Olmos. "If we break 70 or 80 percent of the people who are registered and actually can vote, and then they vote? It'll be the change of this country. The country will never be the same again."

Olmos said he is discouraged by the lack of Hispanic representation in Hollywood, but sees hope in the young actors moving up in the industry.

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While Olmos is a proud Latino, he said he hopes people in the hear future stop compartmentalizing people into racial categories.

"There are beautiful cultures inside of the human race, but there is only one race," Olmos said. "I would like us to come together out of happiness and joy."

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