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Actress Laura Gómez: We Need to Fight for Gay Rights in Latin America

At the third annual Logo TV Trailblazer Honors, Dominican actress Laura Gómez says the fight for the power to live openly is far from over.

Dominican actress Laura Gómez says that the fight for marriage equality and the power to live openly are far from over.

"I want to remind everyone that I am here as an ally," Gómez said at the Third Annual Logo TV Trailblazer Honors, which highlights the achievements and progress of LGBT athletes, entertainers and business leaders. "That I want to remind them that even thought there is so much that has been done, and there is so much progress — definitely — some voices are not being heard elsewhere."

Gómez emphasized that in places in Latin America, specifically where she is from in the Dominican Republic, there are people "who cannot be themselves." While Gómez said she is proud of her heritage and her home country, people have difficulty coming out and living openly.

"In my case, I would like to be of help of someone," Gómez said. "... I like to be a part of that solution, instead of the problem."

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