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Ahead of Trump Presidency, Cuba Flexes Military, Political Muscle

Eighteen days before Trump is to be sworn in to the U.S. presidency, Cuba held a "fighting people's march" and military parade.

HAVANA, Cuba - Eighteen days before Donald Trump is to be sworn in as U.S. president, Cuba held a military parade and a "fighting people's march" in their nation's capital.

The events took place on Monday morning at the capital's Plaza de la Revolución “on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Granma expedition's landing and the heroic uprising in Santiago de Cuba," according to the government's statement, marking the start of the Cuban revolution six decades earlier.

The military parade was headed by Cuban children from elementary schools and it was made up of just troops without military assets. The march was led by blocs of Cuban young people, for whom the political and military event was to whom the official Cuban newspaper Granma was “also dedicated."

Originally the military parade and people’s march was scheduled for December 2nd, 2016, but because of Fidel Castro’s passing it was postponed to January 2nd.

Many in the crowd held signs saying "We are Fidel." The march took place as the country faces a new U.S. president that has already vowed to press Cuba for more changes.

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This is the second time since Trump was elected that the Cuban government flexes its military muscle; in November the Cuban Army carried out strategic exercises “to consolidate the concept of War by the Entire People" and to “strengthen the homeland's military invulnerability”, according to President Raul Castro.