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By Noel Gutierrez-Morfin

Think back on any episode of MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen" that you may have seen and the parties that were featured. The gowns, the gifts, and of course, the guests.

Now imagine the entire country of Mexico at that party.

Rubi Ibarra Garcia and her parents, Crescencio and Anaelda, recorded a modest video invitation for their prospective guests to attend Rubi's quinceañera ("sweet 15th") later this month. But it was posted online, and many people saw it — and said they were coming. Now, they find themselves possibly responsible for hosting the party of the year.

If only they knew what the power of the Internet could unleash.

The invitation, advertising performances by local bands and a horse race with a 10,000 peso prize, went viral when it was posted on social media, and resulted in 1.3 million guests who RSVP'd on Facebook. Only Rubi's family and friends who lived in the area were originally invited, but the event page was left public, meaning anyone could see it and join.

Hopefully the party is a potluck as well.

The video also spawned many fake, copycat Facebook events, as well as the inevitable memes that helped Rubi's XV take the internet by storm.

Businesses also took note of the quince's popularity. Mexican airline Interjet offered 30% for flights to San Luis Potosi, the state where Rubi's quince will be held.

Rubi's XV has dominated news coverage, and celebrities across Latin America have asked for invitations and for her to appear on their television programs. Rubi was also invited to star in "La Rosa de Guadalupe," a anthology-novela and one of Televisa's most popular programs.

Even famous actor Gael García Bernal got in on the fun and made his own parody of the now famous video invitation.

Rubi's newfound fame has also thrown her small town of La Joya into a bit of a frenzy. Local politicians have ordered extra security and police to the area in case some of the thousands of people who RSVP'd to the event actually do show up. Roberto Segovia, a politician from the region, has also called for Red Cross to be present at the festivities in case of emergency.

Rubi's "quince" will be taking place on December 26th. We at NBC Latino are still awaiting our invite.

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