American Airlines will slash flights to Venezuela next month due to an "unresolved dispute" about ticket revenues, according to the airline.

The Airlines announced the nearly 80 percent flight reduction Tuesday and will cut weekly trips from 48 to 10 starting July 2, according to Reuters. American will only fly to Venezuela from Miami, scratching flights from New York, Dallas and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

American isn’t the first major airline to scale down on Venezuela-bound flights.

Air Canada reduced flights in March because of violence, saying in a statement it could “no longer ensure the safety of its operation.”

The International Air Transport Association, a trade group for major air carriers, also released a statement in April urging Venezuela’s government to come forward with nearly $4 billion in airline money because of the country’s tight controls on currency.

The currency controls in Venezuela have also been attributed to shortages of other products, including coffins, toilet paper and church wine.

American offers a range of flights to Latin America and has flown to Venezuela for nearly 27 years.

Casey Norton, a spokesman for the company’s Fort Worth location, told Reuters that American is cutting flights because of an unresolved dispute over $750 million in ticket revenue that Venezuela owes.

"We continue to work with the government of Venezuela on this matter," Norton said.

Revised Miami flights, according to Reuters, will travel daily between Caracas and Miami with an extra Saturday flight, and twice weekly between Maracaibo and Miami.