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Mexico: Baby Murdered with Parents Stirs Anger, Outrage

People are expressing outrage over the killing of a baby who was gunned down along with his parents in Pinotepa Nacional, in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Twitter: @angieprotz

Lying between his father's torso and left arm, a seven-month-old baby is seen in a bloodstained white onesie, his mother face down by their side.

That’s the picture that has gone viral and is causing anger and outrage on social media. It was taken Friday January 29, 2016, shortly after the three were murdered outside a convenience store in the city of Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca state, Mexico. NBC News is not showing the picture due to its graphic nature.

Oaxaca authorities identifiedthe father as 24-year-old Juan Alberto Pano Ramos, who was carrying his son Marcos Miguel Pano Colón. The mother was identified as 17-year-old Alba Isabel Colón.

The authoritiesare still investigating the murders and whether they are gang- or drug-related.

Many have taken to Twitter to express their fury, some even comparing the image to that of the 3-year-old Syrian refugee, Aylan Kurdi, who washed up on a Turkish beach after he drowned in the Mediterranean Sea.

Antonio Helguera said: "Total degradation. The collapse of a country in its own blood."

User Personal Jesus asked: “And the outrage for Pinotepa Nacional? We Mexicans are more compassionate with others than ourselves.”

Pablo Diaz Romano said: "The murder of the baby in #PinotepaNacional is an example of a country mired in fear so that no one dares to fight for our freedom!"

Cartoonist and illustrator Rafael Pineda, known as 'Rapé', showed the two children side-by-side in a piece titled "Our World."

Journalist Patricio Monero posted an cartoon of an exchange between two people: "Poor angel, where did he die? Greece? Turkey? Syria?" "Oaxaca." "Aaaah! I had worried." Monero added, "Of hypocrisy and other things..."

A candlelight memorial was held for the family in Pinotepa Nacional on Monday February 1st. Attendees, including young children, prayed and sang while lighting the candles.

Ángeles Pereda tweeted a picture of a child standing by the candles, her caption reading: "#PinotepaNacional and all of #Oaxaca wants peace, the violence that overflows took the life of a 7-month-old baby."

User LaAlamedaMorelos added: "And like that, we got used to the horror of the war in Mexico, murdered, disappeared, massacred."

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