Cafecito: Raquel Sofía's Journey from Backup Singer to Grammy Nominee

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Raquel Sofia
Raquel SofiaMSNBC

Soulful puertorriqueña Raquel Sofía went from singing backup for Juanes and Shakira to achieving solo stardom when she received a 2015 Grammy nomination for Best New Artist for her album "Te Quiero Los Domingos." Cafecito host Feliciano Garcia sat down with her after she spoke at the Orgullosa panel on Latina role models.

“I think Latinas are often pigeonholed – in every way – but also in our physical aspect,” she said, “We are expected to be sexy all the time and we are expected to be just this classic, hourglass, stereotypical Latina. … I think there is so much more. We can be edgy, we can be rock ‘n’ roll, we can be nerdy. For me, it’s about expressing my personal style.”

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