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By Stephen Perez-Nuño

A California Democratic congressman says the country can use a little positive energy to promote peace as Donald Trump begins his administration. So instead of the attending the inauguration, Rep. Tony Cárdenas is asking his followers to join him in meditation during the inauguration.

“While Donald Trump is being sworn in, I think a good use of my time is to promote positivity,” said Cárdenas. “That’s why I’ll spend this hour meditating. I will be joined by my wife Norma, and I encourage people around the country to join us.”

He will be highlighting the event on his Facebook and Twitter to encourage people to participate, using the hashtags #GoodOmbres and #DontHateMeditate. The legislator will join dozens of his colleagues from California in boycotting the inauguration, but so far there are no reports from any of them that they will join him.

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