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A Chilean court said U.S. military intelligence played a key role that led to the 1973 killings of two Americans, whose story inspired the 1982 Oscar-winning film "Missing." The court said former U.S. Navy Capt. Ray E. Davis gave Chilean officials information about journalist Charles Horman, 31, and student Frank Teruggi, 24, that led to their arrest and execution. This took place days after the 1973 coup that brought Gen. Augusto Pinochet to power. The movie "Missing" was about the search for Horman by his wife and father. The case was practically ignored in Chile until 2000, when Horman's widow Joyce filed a lawsuit against Pinochet. Courts in Chile thought Davis was living in Florida and had sought extradition, but he was secretly living in Chile and died there last year. "Judge Zepeda's ruling both implicates and incriminates U.S. intelligence personnel as playing a dark role in the murder of my husband," said Horman's widow Joyce. "My hope is that the record of evidence compiled by the court sheds further light on how and why Charles was targeted."

--Reporting by the Associated Press