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Democrats Spending $500,000 to Air Radio Ad Where 'Latinos are Listening'

The Democratic Party is spending $500,000 on a radio ad it will air on 700 Spanish language radio stations. The ad criticized Republicans.
Image: Florida
Posters supporting Hillary Clinton at a Puerto Rican restaurant in Kissimmee, Florida. (John Brecher / NBC News)John Brecher / NBC News

The Democratic Party, which said this week it would spend at least a million on ads in a final stretch-pursuit of minority voters, is spending close to half a million of that sum to air a radio ad targeting Latinos.

Jose Aristimuño, the party's deputy national press secretary, said the Spanish-language ad began airing this week and will air on 700 predominantly Spanish language radio stations "where we know Latinos are listening."

Earlier this week, Democrats said they were launching a "seven-figure" ad blitz aimed at minority voters. The party is not releasing the actual spending amount.

The Spanish language radio ad announced Friday is critical of the Republican Party, calling it anti-immigrant and anti-Latino. The ad says Latino children have become the targets of "build the wall" and other rhetoric.

"What is at risk in this election couldn't be more clear. Today our children are paying the price for Republicans' anti-Latino and anti-immigrant politics," the ad says.

There have been some reports that the Clinton campaign is concerned that she has not fully energized black and Hispanic voters in some states, although polls show Latinos overwhelmingly favor Clinton and in a recent Latino Decisions poll of Puerto Rican voters, 84 percent said they definitely planned to vote and about three quarters planned to vote for Clinton.

DNC Hispanic Caucus Chair Iris Martinez said in a statement there has been a "troubling rise in divisive and hateful rhetoric" from the GOP.

"Our children shouldn’t have to face hate in school because of baseless partisan political attacks on their heritage," she stated.

Audio of the ad can be found here.

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