Colombia Swears In Santos for Second Term as President

Image: Colombia's President Santos gestures during a speech at an inaguration ceremony to commemorate his second term in Bogota
Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos gestures during a speech, after being adorned with the presidential sash, at an inauguration ceremony to commemorate his second term in Bogota August 7, 2014. Santos was sworn in to a second term on Thursday promising to bring peace and equality to the nation, but warned Marxist rebels that talks to end five decades of war could rupture if hostilities against civilians continue.Jose Miguel Gomez / Reuters

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La Casa de Nariño, Colombia’s White House, will be keeping the same resident for another four years. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was sworn in for his second term as leader of the South American country Thursday, Reuters reported. Santos’ inauguration came with a warning for the rebel group called the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

In his speech, Santos said he would stay true to his campaign platform of ending a decades-long civil conflict with FARC that has left 200,000 people dead and created millions of refugees. Santos, a former journalist, also promised to expand upon the economic growth that occurred during his first term. Santos faces an uphill battle though, as he only won the election in June by 5 percent of the vote and continues to face opposition from Colombia’s right wing, led by former President Alvaro Uribe.

For the next four years, Santos can depend on a familiar ally in its battle against drug cartels. In a memo to the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense, President Barack Obama ordered the continuation of Plan Colombia. This program provides U.S. support to anti-drug trafficking efforts in Colombia.



— Jacob Passy