Colombia Will Present a Formal Protest Over Violation of Its Airspace

The Colombian government will present a formal protest for violation of its aerial space after two Venezuelan airplanes allegedly flew over a military unit.

The Colombian Ministry of Defense detailed that two Venezuelan military aircrafts entered 1.8 miles within the Colombian airspace Saturday afternoon. The two military aircrafts flew over a military unit of the Army in the region and rapidly departed back to Castilletes, Colombia’s and Venezuela’s main boundary marker.

“The air defense system of the Colombian Air Force was able to detect the entry to Colombian territory of two Venezuelan military aircrafts,” the Ministry added to the statement.

President Juan Manuel Santos responded via Twitter and assured that the Colombian Foreign Ministry would submit a formal protest to Venezuela on Monday. The Foreign Ministry confirmed that it would deliver a note of protest demanding for an explanation for the territorial violation.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez responded on her Twitter that “There is no evidence of alleged violation of airspace of the neighboring country, beyond a fabrication to frustrate.” Rodríguez added that President Nicolás Maduro endorses a proposal for an immediate meeting to address the frontier issues.

This formal protest will further the tense relationship between both countries which has been in crisis since President Nicolás Maduro ordered the closing of the frontier back in August 19th.

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