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By Stephen Perez-Nuño

PHILADELPHIA — Carlo Sanchez is a representative of District 47B in Maryland, the only majority Latino district in the state; he's also a Hillary Clinton delegate. Victoria Case is a community organizer for a network of outreach programs in the Northeast and a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders.

The start of the Democratic convention on Monday was eclipsed by the DNC e-mails leaked by Wikileaks and by vocal Bernie Sanders supporters loudly proclaiming their opposition to Hillary. But Sanchez and Case said the idea of Democrats being in disarray was being blown out of proportion.

“The media is focusing on a very small faction of Bernie supporters,” said Representative Sanchez.

Victoria Case agreed, “We wanted a progressive agenda and the platform reflects that, and ultimately the goal is to get that agenda moving forward.”

Rep. Sanchez and Victoria Case were attending a lunch sponsored by the Latino Leaders Network in Honor of Mickey Ibarra, a longtime Latino consultant and advisor in Washington. Julian Castro, who had long been rumored to be a strong candidate to be Hillary Clinton’s Vice President pick was scheduled to speak, as was Congressman Xavier Beccera, Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, and Congresswoman Linda Sanchez, the first Latina to serve on the House Ways and Means Committee.

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