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Cristela Alonzo: Canceled TV Show Was Personal For Her, Viewers

Image: Still from ABC's \"Cristela\"

The history-making television show that Cristela Alonzo created, produced, wrote and starred in was personal. So when it ended after one season, she explained just how personal the demise of “Cristela” was through a blog posting.

“If this show had been something that had been created out of thin air, I don’t think it would’ve been as difficult for me because I would’ve been playing a character not named Cristela, which gives it less of a connection to me, but that’s not what this show was,” she said in her blog item posted Monday. “This show was VERY personal to me.”

Launched in October, “Cristela” arrived along with a handful of other television sitcoms with racially diverse casts, such as “Black-ish,” “Fresh Off the Boat,” and “Jane the Virgin”.

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But Alonzo’s show that depicted a Mexican-American family and was based in part on her own life was among those canceled by ABC last week amid weak ratings with younger audiences.

Along with showcasing Alonzo’s comedic talent, the show served as a touchstone for economically struggling families and for Latino families, particularly Mexican Americans, who saw some of their culture showcased in the comedy.

Although it couldn’t draw enough audiences to remain on television, “Cristela” did have some impact, Alonzo wrote. She’s said people have sent her messages saying the show inspired them to do something with their lives, go to college for the first time, go back to school or that their Latino kids are joining the drama club at their school.

“I cried because it made me so happy,” she wrote. “YES! Go to college, get that education that you thought was impossible to get. YES! Support your kids, let them go into drama. YES! YES! YES! If these people made these changes because of Cristela, then the show served its purpose.”