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Democrats' Video Urges Gov. Susana Martinez to Break Silence on Trump

The Democratic Governors Association take jabs at N.M. Gov. Susana Martinez for failing to say whether she'll vote for/endorse the GOP's Donald Trump.
Image: Susana Martinez
New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez speaks during the New York Republican State Committee Annual Gala Thursday, April 14, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)Kathy Willens / AP

Just in time for Donald Trump's rally in Albuquerque, the Democratic Governors Association is releasing an online campaign video that calls on New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez to break her silence on the presumptive GOP nominee.

Martinez, the country's first Latina governor, is a Republican, and is the chairwoman of the Republican Governors Association.

According to reports, Martinez is not attending Trump's rally. She has been critical of his comments about Mexico and Mexicans who come to the U.S. and his other rhetoric.

"For months, Gov. Susan Martinez has been ducking questions about supporting Donald Trump for president," Jared Leopold, the Democratic governor's spokesman, said in a statement. "Will Martinez use Trump's first appearance in New Mexico to finally endorse his campaign? Or will she keep New Mexican voters in the dark while she continues her game of hide and seek?"

“Unable to defend their gubernatorial candidates’ poor electoral chances this November, the Democrat(ic) Governors Association has become obsessed with Trump in a desperate attempt to distract voters from the fact that their shrinking minority of Democrat governors is at a near two-decade low and their top fundraiser (Virginia) Gov. Terry McAuliffe is under FBI investigation," Jon Thompson, communications director for the Republican Governors Association, said in an email.

"While the DGA is focused on attacking Trump, Republican governors are focused on making their states more business-friendly and growing jobs," Thompson said.

The FBI has been looking at donations to McAuliffe's 2013 gubernatorial campaign. McAuliffe has said the donations that came from a Chinese businessman who is a legal U.S. resident are lawful.

The Democrats' video begins with a screen with the words "We Know Where Donald Trump Stands," followed by clips of him saying there has to be some form of punishment for women who have abortions and leading an audience in the chant "build the wall."

Then a black screen is shown with the words "But Where Does Susana Martinez Stand on Donald Trump?" That question is followed by various news reports trying to pin down Martinez on whether she'd endorse Trump as a nominee or vote for him. She clearly says she won't vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders and also that there will not be an endorsement .

It ends with an April speech to New York GOP of her saying, "It's been an incredible campaign, but you know what? Why don't we just do rock, paper, scissors and get this over with?"

Martinez had endorsed Marco Rubio after he left the trail and has been discussed as a potential vice presidential candidate who could also help the party woo Latino voters.

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