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DHS Sec. Johnson: More "Operation Coyote" Arrests, Crackdown

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said they have intensified operations to crack down on coyotes and organizations smuggling families across the border.

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson announced there were more arrests and account seizures as a result of Operation Coyote, which was created to discourage the surge of immigrants crossing the border, aided by smuggling networks.

Johnson announced Wednesday that 363 smugglers and associates as well as more than $800,000 dollars were seized from over 400 bank account related to smuggling organizations.

"Though we are pleased that the number of migrants crossing our border illegally into the Rio Grande Valley has decreased significantly, we remain determined to go after the Coyotes who, by misinformation and exploitation, encourage this dangerous illegal migration," said Johnson.

Though there was a surge in recent months of children and families crossing the U.S. border from Central America, the numbers have decreased as the Administration has expedited the return of many of these families back to their home countries. Immigrant advocates have warned against returning some children and families who are not from Mexico and are fleeing violence and could be eventually eligible for asylum.


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