Diaz-Balart: Not Voting On Immigration ‘Highly Irresponsible’

Florida Republican congressman Mario Diaz-Balart blasted his congressional colleagues, stating it was "highly irresponsible" not to vote on a bipartisan immigration bill he had drafted along with Illinois Democratic congressman Luis Gutierrez.

“Despite our best efforts, today I was informed by the Republican leadership that they have no intention to bring this bill to the floor this year. It is disappointing and highly unfortunate, because we have a unique opportunity to secure the borders, fix our broken immigration system, and strengthen our economy," stated Diaz-Balart.

“This system is not going to fix itself, and delaying a commonsense solution is only going to make matters worse as is evident by what is going on today with the crisis on the southern border," he added.

Obama Criticizes Congress’ Inaction on Immigration 0:20