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Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico Boost Trade, Tourism, Security Ties

File photo of Luquillo beach, 15 miles to the east of San Juan, Puerto Rico, Oct. 19, 2003. AP

The Caribbean countries of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico are signing accords Tuesday to boost trade, tourism, cultural and public safety ties.

Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro García Padilla welcomed Dominican Republic President Danilo Medina and the largest delegation of Dominican officials to ever visit the island for several events and meetings aimed at strengthening cooperation on economic, regional security, education and cultural issues.

Beside working meetings the island is hosting a "Festival Cultural" highlighting the arts of both countries. It will feature performers such as Gilbertito Santa Rosa and the Conjunto Quisqueya as well as display artesanía, or crafts, from both countries.

According to government officials, Puerto Rico’s trade balance with the Dominican Republic has grown to a surplus of $32 million over the past two years, reports Caribbean Business.