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Drag Queen Bianca Del Rio Talks Movie 'Hurricane Bianca,' Latino Heritage

"Drag Race" star Bianca Del Rio (aka Roy Haylock) is taking the world by storm with her new movie "Hurricane Bianca."

Roy Haylock, better known as the drag queen Bianca Del Rio, is expanding her highly entertaining insult comedy with the new movie "Hurricane Bianca."

Bianca Del Rio is one of the stars of the drag competition show "RuPaul's Drag Race," and since winning she has embarked on comedy tours around the world.

In her latest project, the movie "Hurricane Bianca," she plays "Mr. Martinez," a schoolteacher from New York City who is transferred to a small, close-minded town in Texas. He joked that the director, his friend Matt Kugelman, wanted him to play Martinez "because I'm brown." Haylock's dad is Honduran and his mom is Cuban.

Once school administrators find his online dating profile, which outs him as a gay man, Martinez loses his job. To exalt his revenge, Martinez reapplies to the school disguised as a woman. More specifically, he comes as Bianca Del Rio.

About a week after vocal chord surgery — a procedure she said she needed because she spends her time on stage screaming at people — Bianca Del Rio sat down with NBC Latino to chat about how she honors her Cuban and Honduran roots, as well as how she presents her personality in her stand-up comedy and "Hurricane Bianca."

"Hurricane Bianca" is available online on iTunes and internationally on Wolfe Video.

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