More than a dozen immigration activists gathered Wednesday morning outside the house of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to demand him to stop deportations.

The protesters prayed and shared their testimonies while they waited for the Secretary.

"Today we decided to come to the house of the person who is the one responsible for changing immigration policies, to stop deportations and of finding a way to give relief to our families," said Erika Andiola from the Dream Action Coalition. "We wanted to come here to give the message that we are here only in peace and praying and that is the way to do it," Andiola added.

Although the Secretary did not address the group, the activists said they felt hopeful, saying they would focus on the "battle" ahead. Johnson's office is currently reviewing immigration enforcement policies at the direction of the President.

"I am sure it was not in vain, the sacrifices we made - we left our kids, got up this early, he (Johnson) will see the sacrifice we made," said Hilda Garrido, a member of United Communities of New Jersey. "It was not in vain I assure you, he saw us,"added Garrido.

--Aurora Hernandez-Galliano, Telemundo