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A group of evangelicals sent GOP House members off to their winter retreat with a little prayer meant to move them forward on immigration reform.

The prayer was offered in a full-page inUSA Today Wednesday, the day GOP House members were to trek to Maryland's Eastern shore. House leaders were expected to brief members on their basic principles that will guide them forward on immigration reform legislation.

A full-page ad that appeared in the January 24th edition of USA Today.Evangelical Immigration Table

"Dear House Members: We're Praying For You," the ad placed by the Evangelical Immigration Table says. The latter part of that message is written in bold, green letters. Later the ad reads: "We pray that your principles will lead to meaningful and urgently needed reform."

The ad goes on to cite Biblical verses on immigrants and on honoring rule of law and spell out the principles of the evangelicals.

"When saying to someone, 'We're praying for you," that also means we're watching. We can't wait another year for families to suffer even more. In the next six months, we have to pass comprehensive immigration reform," Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners and founder of the Evangelical Immigration Table, said.

The evangelicals nudging of Republicans on the issue follows the president's State of the Union speech in which he kept his remarks on immigration free of criticism of Republicans, essentially giving the GOP leaders to move the issue among their members.