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By Brian Latimer

A single mom thought of an ingenious way to help her child feel more included at school events.

Yvette Vasquez, from Fort Worth, Texas, was dropping her son off at school and noticed an event taking place. Her son said it was a "Donuts with Dad" breakfast.

Vasquez wrote in a Facebook post that it is often difficult for her children to see other kids with fathers. So she turned around, stuck on a fake mustache, a hat and shirt and turned out at the event as her son's "dad."

Since she put the photos on Facebook, more than 17,000 people have reacted to the post and 6,000 have shared their story.

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“It’s so much more than I ever expected to happen,” Vazquez said on Facebook. “Me and my little ones are grateful because it was definitely a moment we will never forget!”

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