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'Gotham' Actor J.W. Cortés: Latinos Have 'Been Here, 'Given 'Everything'

Actor and decorated Marine veteran J.W. Cortés said Latinos are an integral part of the country. "We’ve been here as Latinos-we’ve given everything.”
Courtesy of FOX

Actor J.W. Cortés joined Cafecito host Feliciano Garcia and opened up about his acting career and Hollywood, his experiences with his autistic son, and his time in the U.S. military.

Cortés plays Detective Carlos Alvarez on FOX's ‘Gotham’ and is a decorated Marine veteran.

“That is one of the things that bothers me sometimes, when they say that we are not American enough or we are not this we are not that," said Cortés, who discussed the contributions of the Latino community to this country. "We’ve been here as Latinos and we’ve given everything.”

He also spoke of the immense responsibility and honor of playing a Latino character on primetime television. “I think the bigger picture here is that Hollywood is seeing that we are definitely a viable force and that I represent, just like Gina Rodriguez represents and all those other wonderful actors, a community that wants to see themselves up on that screen,” he told Garcia.

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Cortés also talked about his experience with his young autistic son who was diagnosed on the autism spectrum and explains how he came to find out the severity of autism in the Latino community.

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