By Gwen Aviles

In Perú, Mamani Ramos was given the chance to embark early on his vision for social justice when he was sworn in as the country’s Minister of Development and Social Inclusion for a day on Monday.

He's 12, by the way.

The boy, from Puno, Perú, talked about what he wanted to do to lift the country's most impoverished youth.

“I want to support all the poor children who live on the street so that they have something to eat,” said Ramos in Spanish in a video posted by Peru’s Minister of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS) on Twitter.

Liliana del Carmen La Rosa Huertas, who has served as Peru’s Minister of Development and Social Inclusion since April, invited the young boy to participate in the country’s government for a day after hearing of his plans via a campaign called “Cumpliendo Sueños,” which means "making dreams come true."

“When I watched the Christmas video of the Juntos program, I met children full of hope for a better Perú and what Jesús said about supporting the poorest of the country impressed me,” La Rosa Huertas said. “That is the function of the MIDIS and that makes him a minister at heart.”

Ramos and his mother, along with children who are also a part of MIDIS Juntos, gathered together for a ceremony led by La Rosa Huertas. During the ceremony, the young boy took an oath on a Bible and was praised by La Rosa Huertas for his commitment and dedication to human rights, according to MIDIS.

La Rosa Huertas tied a red and white sash around the boy’s waist to commemorate his new position and instructed Ramos to expect to have a busy time ahead of him, as he was meeting with senior management.

The campaign, part of a program that works to provide health and education services for children, has as its goal to identify and empower young, promising leaders.

Ramos said he wanted to bring workers together. He says he wants all young boys and girls to know that if they study hard, they can succeed.