/ Updated  / Source: NBC News

It's official - former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has tossed her hat in the presidential ring, and she announced it Sunday with a video, "Getting Started." In an nod to the importance of the Latino vote, everyone in the video speaks English, but the only other language in her first video is - you guessed it - Spanish.

"Mi hermano y yo estamos empezando un primer negocio," ('my brother and I are starting our first business," says one man in the video. It consists of different people talking about the new things they are embarking on.

An Asian American young woman is looking for a new job after college graduation, an older woman is about to retire, an African American couple are going to have a baby and a male gay couple are going to get married, among others in the video.

"I'm getting ready to do something too - I'm running for President," says Clinton.


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