As the midterms approach and the question on everyone's mind is whether people will come out to vote, two Puerto Rican brothers want to crisscross the country, follow a young voter and talk to legislators and members of both parties about the significance of the Latino vote. Their plan led to a proposed documentary, "El Voto Hispano."

But documentaries require money, and Gianpaolo and Alessandro Pietri decided to make the pitch to the larger community through a Kickstarter campaign. They went to Hispanicize in Miami and sought out high-profile support. Actor Amaury Nolasco signed on as Executive Producer, actress and activist Eva Longoria pledged to match $25,000 in donations, and they also received backing from Futuro Fund co-founder Andres Lopez.

Actress and activist Eva Longoria has lent her support to "El Voto Latino's" crowdfunding effort.Yasta Media

The Kickstarter campaign ends Sunday, April 27th.

"Running a Kickstarter campaign is a humbling experience that requires an intense fundraising effort within a relatively short timeframe," said Gianpaolo Pietri to NBC on Friday.

Pietri said hundreds of people stepped up to help with contributions, apart from an extended network of family and friends.

"Because of that we are confident we will reach our goal," said Pietri.