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Latina 'Geek Goddess' Elianne Ramos Joins Clinton's Digital Team

Influential digital communicator Elianne Ramos, aka @ergeekgoddess, has joined the Clinton campaign's digital team.

For years, Elianne Ramos has been driving political conversations and promoting social justice causes in the Latino community online.

Now, the Latina who calls herself @ergeekgodess, has taken her digital prowess to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

On Friday, Ramos announced – on social media, of course – that she has become part of the Clinton campaign’s Latino Coalitions Digital Desk.

The new job takes her where she said she hopes to take others in the Latino community this election – from observer to smack in the middle of the election battle.

“This is a historic election. We are about to elect the first woman president, but also, because of all the hatred going on out there, we can’t afford to sit on the sidelines any more,” Ramos told NBC Latino.

She said the digital team wants to “drive conversation” in the election – a tough task amid Donald Trump’s day to day off-the-cuff statements.

But, she added, “we need to be focusing on what we are focusing on, getting people engaged enough they want to get out there and vote. This is not a time to sit down and be on the sidelines. This is a time to take action.”

Her own mother has been a U.S. citizen for “30-something” years and “she never cared about politics.

But this election, her mom is engaged, knocking on doors and getting people registered, she said.

“We as Latinos are realizing we need to do something about this, otherwise we’re going to end up in a place we don’t want to be,” said Ramos, who was born in the Dominican Republic.

Ramos arrived in the digital communications world by way of the advertising field, where she began. As technology evolved, so did Ramos, writing articles online. She became an enthusiastic user of social media because of the numerous responses she’d get when she’d pose questions online.

As her digital presence grew, so did her community organizing and advocacy. She is recognized as an influential Latina in social media and the Latino advocacy community. Every Tuesday evening, she held Google+ chats on current events and the Latino community.

She has built her own communications company, Speak Hispanic Communications, and created the Border Kids Relief Project in response to the thousands of unaccompanied minors from Central America who turned arrived at the U.S. southern border in summer 2014 seeking refuge here.

Her projects have included collaborations with the Obama White House and administration and she has been a contributing writer to NBC Latino.