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Latinas Over 25 Are Most Frequent Moviegoers, Says Study

Latinas over 25 are the most frequent moviegoers of all, according to a new study.

Hispanic women over 25 are the most frequent moviegoers, with over one in five saying they have seen all the recent major movies, according to a study polling 1,500 people who go to the theaters more than 6 times a year.

The study - conducted by the marketing firm C4 for The Wrap, which first reported the story, found Latinas frequent all sorts of movies, from Godzilla and 22 Jump Street to Maleficent and Neighbors. The study found Latinas go to superhero movies as frequently as men, and are more likely to go to the movies with their families than non-Latinas.

“Hispanics are seemingly watching everything,” Fabian Castro, SVP of multicultural marketing at Universal, told TheWrap.