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Latino Business Group Starts 'Guac The Vote' Effort

The Hispanic Chamber wants to turn the "taco truck on every corner" into a voter registration campaign it is calling Guac The Vote.
"Los Altos de Jalisco" taco truck in Los Angeles in 2008.
"Los Altos de Jalisco" taco truck in Los Angeles in 2008.Damian Dovarganes / AP file

The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is trying to turn the "taco trucks on every corner" comment made by a Donald Trump supporter into a voter registration campaign dubbed Guac The Vote.

Javier Palomarez, the chamber's president, said the organization is trying to corral the strength of the more than 200 local chambers of commerce and business associations that make up the USHCC to help make the taco trucks centers for signing up more voters.

"We are hoping in the next to weeks it will be in full swing," said Palomarez, who added that work is underway to coalesce local chambers around the idea and in determining any spending for it.

Last week, Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez, told MSNBC's Joy-Ann Reid that if illegal immigration from Mexico went unchecked, the country would end up with a "taco truck on every corner."

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The comment immediately set off social media with mocking responses. Soon it became a reason to vote for Hillary Clinton. Along with the hashtag, #tacosoneverycorner, some sent tweets with #guacthevote, a hashtag that has had other uses over the years on social media.

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On Friday, Colorado Democrats parked a truck outside Trump's headquarters in response to the comment.

And others did the same in Florida.

Paul Lopez, the Denver City councilman, said he didn't keep track of how many voters registered at the truck he helped get stationed across from Trump's field office last Friday, "but we were pretty busy with that clipboard." The Colorado Democratic Party did the registering and Lopez said he invited Trump workers to come have a taco.

Many people updated their addresses but he said one young person who would be voting for the first time registered and so did an older man who is a strong Clinton supporter but was not registered.

He said he thinks the USHCC idea is an excellent one and should be taken even further.

"I'd encourage all the palateras" to register people to vote, he said. "You've got to get creative. You've got to go to the people." Palateras are vendors who sell fruit popsicles know as paletas.

The USHCC initiative would have to come together quickly as state deadlines for voter registration start coming up early next month.

Palomarez's organization has endorsed Hillary Clinton but he said the effort would be bipartisan. The group first told the Washington Post of its effort.

"We will not be pitching a candidate," he said.

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Details still were being worked out. Palomarez said there could be some training of taco truck owners, but also likely people would stand outside the trucks and register voters as meal seekers come up to buy tacos or other fare. Palomarez mentioned potentially working with other groups who are trying to register voters.

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