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Love Netflix's 'One Day at a Time?' Here's a peek at Season 3

The third season builds on the hilarious and touching incidents surrounding the multi-generation Alvarez family.
Image: One Day at A Time
Rita Moreno, left, Justina Machado, and Marcel Ruiz in season 3 of "ONE DAY AT A TIME".Ali Goldstein/Netflix / Ali Goldstein/Netflix

Fans of the popular Netflix reboot "One Day at a Time" just got a peek at Season Three.

The third season builds on the hilarious and touching incidents surrounding the Alvarez family, a Los Angeles-based Cuban-American family that follows the travails of a divorced mom who is a U.S. veteran, her teenage children and their grandmother.

For viewers who have finally emotionally recovered from the Season Two finale — where viewers momentarily were led to believe that grandmother Lydia (Rita Moreno) had died — the over two-minute trailer is long enough to show Season Three will elicit just as much laughing and crying as it has in the past.

Here’s what we know so far: Lydia (Moreno) is still the dramatic, fashionable diva appearing in gorgeous hoop earrings and a sparkly purple headscarf viewers haven’t seen her wear before. Teen daughter Elena (Isabella Gomez) — who has come out as gay — is in a happy relationship with Syd (Sheridan Pierce), but Elena questions how to best introduce her non-binary partner, since “girlfriend” doesn’t appear to be the best term.

Alex (Marcel Ruiz) is growing up — perhaps a bit too quickly, for Penelope’s taste. He no longer wears braces in the trailer and has taken up smoking weed.

“Tons of successful people have smoked weed: Barack Obama, Steve Jobs and Oprah,” Alex says in an attempt to convince his mom Penelope (Justina Machado) that it’s not as big of a deal as she perceives it to be.

“Unemployed, dead and Gail just said that to get ratings,” Penelope retorts.

There’s also going to be a party of some sort, if Lydia excitedly exclaiming, “Well, that settles it, there’s going to be a party!” is any indication.

On the other hand, a couple of scenes with the Alvarez family wearing black indicates that someone will actually die this season. Rita Moreno fans can relax; she's present in the scenes.

True to the show's legacy of highlighting Latino lives and talent, Season Three will also bring some new characters into the fold. The show will fold in Penelope’s cousins, Estellita and Pilar, played by Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz.

Music legend Gloria Estefan —who plays Lydia’s estranged sister Mirta — will be playing significant roles this season.

For those fans who were disappointed when Penelope and Max broke up last season, there’s a new papi chulo (boyfriend) in town. Penelope is shown kissing a man in the trailer after the pair bond over being overprotective Cuban parents.

"One Day at a Time" has resonated with viewers around the country, and Latino groups sent an open letter to Netflix urging them to renew the series before there was an announcement about Season Three.

“I hope that non-Latino families watching our Latino family on television can see that we are more alike than we are different," Machado said in an earlier interview with NBC News. "We love the same, maybe a little louder," she said laughing. "We feel the same, we cry the same, we’re a lot more similar than we are different.”