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Marc Anthony: 'I Am Proof Positive Anything Is Possible'

The top-selling salsa artist of all time talks about his 3-yr tour, his triumph over his stutter and his non-profit helping orphans in the D.R.

In a wide-ranging interview on Today, Latino superstar Marc Anthony spoke of his 3-month turned 3-year tour, his organization that has changed the lives of orphans in the Dominican Republic and his incredible journey from stuttering teen to singing sensation.

"I'm proof positive that anything is possible," said Marc Anthony, who said he was this skinny kid with glasses who stuttered. "I couldn't even put a sentence together, but when I sang I didn't stutter." He said he embraced the world of music and the rest is history.

"If you accomplish something it just unlocks that whole 'Oh, if that's possible, then you keep going,'" said the singer, who was raised in New York and is of Puerto Rican descent.

"As far as confidence is concerned, it's step by step," said Marc Anthony.

International salsa superstar Marc Anthony visited the Today show on Feb. 13, 2015 and spoke about his touring, his philanthropic efforts in the Dominican Republic with orphaned children, and how he overcame his stuttering through singing.Photo credit: Sandra U. Lee