Mexican Actress Karla Souza Talks Of Her First English-Language Role

Karla Souza: I cried when I got ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ role 4:03

Actress Karla Souza is a huge star in Mexico -- so big she would not even have to audition for new character roles. Despite having "the best life" as a highly successful Spanish-language film actress, Souza succumbed to a desire for a challenge in Los Angeles.

"I had the best life," she said, speaking of her fame in Mexico. "I was being offered parts and I was being, you know, let into any restaurant I wanted. I was just having the life. And then, of course, you feel that little challenge bug inside of you wanting to move and try it out in L.A."

After powering through a pilot season, she landed a spot on "How to Get Away With Murder," her first English-language role.

"I was crying so hard in the car when my agent and my manager called and they said, "you booked it," she said beaming. "... I got home and I was crying and my mom thought something had happened to me."

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