Mexican App Developers Create ‘Trumpéalo’ Video Game

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has sparked outrage in Mexico over comments he has made about the country sending its rapists and criminals over the border. But he has also inspired the makers of piñatas and now even a new video game.

“Trumpéalo,” created by Mexican developers KaraOculta, is a new parody game in which players follows a cartoon Trump around and throw shoes, soccer balls, and an assortment of items at him to prevent him from exiting the stage.

The more soccer balls and shoes are thrown at the cartoon Trump, the longer he stays in the game and the more points the players earn. If a gamer accidently praises him with flowers or money, it gets Trump out of the game faster and eventually ends it.

The game currently is in a Beta version (test version) and people can download it for free here.

Jorge Suarez, CEO of KaraOkulta, told Mexican newspaper El Universal that the game is currently in test form so that people can play and help them expand the game with their ideas. He said the Mexican public has really enjoyed the game so far. He said to the Mexican newspaper Milenio that after Trump's statements one has to find the humor in things. "It turns out people have loved it," said Suarez.

The game is expected to be finished in two to three weeks and will be available for Android and iOS.

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